Aug 3, 2012

Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooo and assalamualaikum.
Yeah, i'm still alive. I know i haven't post anything since last february hehe. 
Well.. i'm actually quite busy and lazy to update.
 Plus, blogger just changed so much that it makes me bit hard to understand this new look.
 I prefer the old one tbh.
 Uhmmm today is the 2nd of august and also the 15th day of ramadhan. eh 15 ke? lol maybe
 i dun lyk count the days of how many days left to raya. uhmmm so what i should blog of huh?
uhmmm this is getting awkward. 
well then i'll just share about what i did today.
so today i went to school like usual and school today was fun :]
then i went home and just passed out! i slept from 2-4 pm.
yeah and then at 5 i got ready for iftar with my classmates.
we break fast at Smashed chicken rice Ria or in malay Nasi ayam penyet Ria at angsana haha.
but before that we went karoke-ing it was cool :]
and bla bla bla i went home at 8pm something. and now i have nothing to do. hmm bored.
if only i have someone to text with :/
lol okay imma stop now. 
sorry for this awkward blog post. heh bye.

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