Feb 15, 2012

New School.

Assalamualaikum bloggers,
Wow i haven't blog for a while.... LIKE ALWAYS (duhh)
Well i'm busy now and i really mean it.
I just moved to a new school like 2-3weeks ago.
So now i am no longer a SMK IMPIAN EMAS student.
I am a Sekolah Menengah Teknik Perdagangan student.
tsk tsk :']
Hmmmm.... this school is NOTHING like my old school.
360 degree different!
On the first week, yes i feel rather miserable. I hate my new school at first. I cried. I feel so down most of the time. But luckily, it's getting better now. I just need some time to settle down and being able to fit in with these whole brand new situation i guess.
Not yet 100% happy with this school, just wish and really hoping that the school time ends EARLIER!!
Ohhh please dear Allah, make my wish come true! For all the right reason, i need and want to have the school time ends just a BIT earlier!
Other than that, hmm it's quite decent lah.
The friends, seniors there are so nice and friendly. Making new friends is not a big problem like i think it would be. I actually met my old primary friend there!
How CRAZY is that?! We haven't met each other for approximately 6years!
Crazy! Haha but i'm so thankful that we met and now we're close friends <3
And oh fyi, the school's canteen food are so good. Totally better than my old school's canteen. Haha jahat gila. But it's true.

Hm however, i miss my awesome pals that i'd left on Impian Emas.
 Really miss them so much! I always reminisce the old time when we used to spend time together and just laughing. Especially on music period and all of our practices sessions!
Oh dear, i miss that so much :[
But what to do. I have to move on.
Maybe we will meet each other when we enter University or College even. Who knows right? :]

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going."

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