Dec 31, 2011

Last Day of 2011.

Today is 31st December of 2011! How fast can the time flies? Faster than you could ever imagine. Wow. Okay so this is just one quick and short update as i'm updating my blog now by using my iPhone. Yes, i got it. Finally, Alhamdullilah :) Hmm the new year's eve is going to be tonight, but.... I might just stay at home while everyone is celebrating it. I want to go out with girls too, go out and together we coutdown to the new year. Gosh that would be a nice way to wrap up this year. By the way this year has been so incredibly memorable to me. Might not be the best year ever, but still... And have you all figure out your new year's resolution? Hee i have. But i'm going to keep it to myself this time. So yeeeahhhh.... I guess i'm ending this post right here. Happy New Year everyone! Have a fantastic one! Sorry for all of my mistakes throughout the year, let us forget the past and move forward with the future! Bye, assalamualaikum xx

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