Nov 21, 2011

That not-so Bitch.


Kristin Cavallari.
Love her or Loathe her, but i gotta say she is adorable!
Start known her when she's on America Next Top Model All Star as guest judge and then i watch
 Dancing With The Stars and she's one of the contestant there. 
The first week, she dance cha cha cha  i guess, and may i say she's smokin' there! She got dat ass honey!
I mean, Look at this!

"I'm Kristin Cavallari and i'm not a bitch" LOL.

Andddd, on ANTM she said, she has a lot of haters cause she's playing a bitchy role in "The Hills" and i was like WTF, She has the sweetest personality ever, even sweeter than Selena Gomez! How can she has a lot of hater just because a role?!


Well, obviously i love her. Not only she's a sweety but she got a common sense of fashion as me.

Cc :

I also fancy her smile!!! That snazzy smile is her best accesories.
To sum it all up, i think this girl is going to be the next IT girl after this. Yeah, you go Kristin!

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