Oct 6, 2012


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It should be fine.
It should be fun.
But it isn't.
What went wrong?
Is the universe trying to tell me something?
I never been so confused before in my life.

Life requires happiness.
Happiness requires life.
Happy life depends on yourself.
It depends on how hard you hustle to get what you desire.
If it doesnt work for the first time, try again.
If you still fail, just try again.
But am i that desperate?

"Empty" I whisper to myself as i gaze my reflection in the mirror.
I'm not usually like this. 
What happened to me?
Wait, does anything happened to me? Or nothing happened 
but i was hoping something happened because my life is too dull already

I'm talking like i just smoke a weed. Trust me, i dont.
I'm gonna end this blog post right here.
If this post doesnt make any sense to you, good.
This post has no point at all.

Just me trying to be poetic and stuffs. Hah.

p/s; I'm fine.

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