Nov 7, 2011

Malik Monday.

Yes i do. 
Who doesnt like to eat? Food is like, sex in your mouth. K.
I am the kind of person who is sort of skinny but eats like an elephant. Hoho ^^V
Uhm, currently, every single muscles of mine now are sore.
The effect from work-out too hard i guess -,-
But it's okay, it'll eventually go away. I hope :S
Ye know, i am looking forward to go to gym or dance aerobic class something liddat.
Yeah, suprise? Hewhew but i seriously want to involve myself doing healthy thing as soon as possible.
Get in the shape, stay fit, stay healthy, hey, whats not to worth? Right?
My mom recommend me to join bollywood dance, cuz one of her customer is a teacher there, and my mom said her body is to die for!! She even drool by looking at her body. Lol mom, are you straight? Haha
K, it feel so good to rant on muh blog again. It's been a while...
And yeah, i just found something cool on tumblr
Here it is 

Look at this picture with your heart, not just eyes.
K, i've always grown up as the "skinny" girl. I dont understand why people who are slightly a bit fat, are deperately want to diet or dont want to eat at all just because they hated their figure?
And me... I constantly begging for more meat on my body hahhh.
And a lot of people likes to mock people whom are fat and this is why, plenty of fat people consider themselves as ugly/unwanted/unlucky/gross and stuffs.
We need to stop this ridiculous discrimination. 
Oh yeah, don't you know, teasing someobody "skinny" is just as hurts as well.
Stop judging, stop critising, stop mocking other people. 
Skinny, curvy, Fat, Tall, Short etc...
Now, i believe in my own body, i believe that i'm not too skinny, well at least i'm not anorexic, i dont starve myself.. in fact, i eat a lot. I am just hard to gain weight aint like other people.
The problem is, people are too judgemental over me.
Who to blame? Not me.
So you, shut your lips STOP THIS DISCRIMINATION.

*I just need to get in shape, ye know. I want to have the VS angels body :>*

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